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Hi there. so first off a little background information, I am currently 16 years old and I got into forex trading about 6 to 7 months ago. I've spent the past few months doing the babypips course as well as taking online lessons to learn things such as harmonic patterns, support & resistance, using fibs and stuff like that. Along with this, I've been trading on a demo account with pepperstone to see what kinds of strategies work for me, which is mostly scalping as well as trading on the 15m tf. But here lies my problem. I want to move on to a live account, which, as recommended, obviously means I'm going to need a strategy. I've experimented and tried to find what works for me and I've understood very well what environment and timeframe I like to trade on, but I'm unsure how to form a strategy which I can follow and play by. I've tried multiple strategies such as the 3EMA(8,13,21) strategy on the 15m tf as well as strategies based on indicators, but nothing seems to work. Everything I try works for about 2 to 3 days, but eventually turns around really really fast. I was wondering if anyone could help me or give me tips on how to, or rather, the steps to building my own strategy. I decided to come here as I browse this subreddit a-lot and I've met and seen some of the nicest and most humble people here, hence coming here and not going to some baby pips forum. Any help is appreciated, thanks so much if anyone replies!!!

EDIT : Hey guys so I have in fact gotten the advice I was seeking for, and like I mentioned below, I was practicing S/R over the weekend and tried planning ahead for this once, these are my profits for today with only half the knowledge as well as half the time due to school as well as no strategy. So I'd say pretty good returns on a 200$ demo account with 1:500 leverage who gets barely any time to trade....and is testing a strategy. Anyways, thank you so much to those who responded and helped out!!!!
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Best Forex scalping strategy...Understanding the rules ...

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